Giant hogweed is a huge herb whose juice in the light can cause burns on the skin. Hog parsnip is also dangerous for nature: being an alien species, it displaces local grasses and forms huge impenetrable thickets.

People want to see places that are important to them beautiful and safe for health. Therefore, they are ready to participate in the fight against hogweed in the format of volunteer subbotniks, drawing attention to the problem and forming a «public request» for the authorities. Participation in subbotniks also provides an excellent opportunity to acquire new skills and broaden one’s horizons, meet like-minded people, and finally, just have a heart-to-heart communication!

The spring event #STOPHOGWEED is dedicated to the International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22 and traditionally stretches for 2-3 weeks. May is the best time to fight Giant Hogweed.

Volunteers in the park of the Znamenskoye-Sadki manor, photo by Vadim Razumov

Take part in the #STOPHOGWEED campaign from 14-22 May 2022!

1. Dig up Giant Hogweed on these dates or use any other method of struggle.

The ascension bud is circled, the line shows the ground level
Dug up roots

2. Post a report on a social network with the hashtag #STOPHOGWEED

You can also contact us, we will send you detailed instructions for organizing subbotniks: Anton Gladilin / Marina Shaikina

Or fill out the feedback form.

Volunteers for events #STOPHOGWEED in 2021
Motivational video 🙂
Volunteers after the event, photo by Vadim Razumov

Read more about our movement in the presentation (in English).

Let’s stop the Giant Hogweed together!